Saturday, September 22, 2012

Megacap Stocks - Week Ending 9/21/12

Today we look at the largest stocks on US exchanges and look at how they did in the last week.  These are known as Megacaps, the biggest of the large caps (caps standing for market capitalization).  For this ranking, I looked at the performance of the 10 largest market cap stocks

There are any number of ways to rank a list of stocks.  For today's list, I chose relative performance over the last week.

  1. The best performing stock of the week on this list was General Electric (GE), with an increase of 2.69%.  GE hit a new high on Friday and still carries a nice 3% dividend. 
  2. Also having a great week is China Mobile (CHL) with a 2.25% gain.  It's even more impressive considering how beaten down the Chinese stock market is overall.  
  3. Right behind is PetroChina Company (PTR) at 1.39%.  US oil companies were down this week, but the China machine had a good upside. 
  4. You knew Apple (AAPL) had to be in here, right?  Only (he he) a 1.2% gain.  But that is on top of almost non-stop gains over the last three years. It would certainly make number one on most any other list. 
  5. Chevron (CVX) pulled in a 0.47% gain.  Not shabby, as this would be a solid annualized 25% gain.  
  6. Microsoft (MSFT) had a small (0.06%) loss for the week.  Mr. Softie is still hanging around a 52-week high, although it hasn't made huge strides lately.  Carries a nice 2.6% dividend.  Is this really a tech stock?
  7. WalMart (WMT) dropped a paltry 0.07%.  The market can't decide is a good economy is good for WalMart because people spend more or bad because it pushes people to spend money at other places considered to a little classier. 
  8. IBM lost 0.40%,   Still near its high, many people think this should be bought on any dip.  
  9. Exxon Mobil (XOM) dropped 0.41%, no doubt related to the sudden drop in crude later in the week. 
  10. And rounding out the top 10 is Royal Dutch Shell (RDS-A) with a significant drop of 1.34%, triggered by a large gap down on Thursday following crude oil.  It actually recovered some on Friday to mitigate the losses. 
An interesting week for the big boys.  Proving that you can't just buy or avoid a sector, or you will miss out on profits. 

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